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100 dolla bill, 1984, 37mm, acrylic paints, airbrushing, alabama, alice in wonderland, alien abuction, aliens, altoids tins, animal farm, animal planet, anonymous, art, artist escape, autumn, backdoor sluts 8, bats, beautiful, black angus is dead, blind ambition, brushes, cancer sticks, captain kidd, central florida, chai tea, chill vibes, chopsticks, chuck palahniuk, cinema, clinton, coffee, colored pencil, colorful fashion, commercial artist, concept art, cryptozoology, danny elfman, dark room photography, dead, dead rats, death, digital photography, diks, discovery channel, discovery science, donate to us, drawing, dreams, dudemeister, el dude-rino, expression, fantasy, fear & loathing, film, film editing, florida, frankenstein, free expression, free writing, free your mind, freedom, freedom of thought, gangsta rap, germany, graphic design, grooves, groovy, guinea pigs, gulf high school, hallucinogens, homosexuality, hunter s. thompson, i am ahab, i can haz cheeseburger, ice ice baby, ink, intarwebz, internet, its hot in here, kennedy, king lear, lakeland, lobotomy, look at me, lost, masks, me love you, me so horny, mice, mind enhancers, mind expansion, modern day hippies, monster mash, mr potato head, nasal bleeding, nazi germany, new artist, nicki37mm, nightmare before christmas, nintendo ds, norway, obama, ocean, oil paints, om nom nom, on the rocks, open your eyes, oust, pens, photography, photoshop, pirates, porn groove, potato famine, providence, rabbits, ramen, ratatat, rats, real life, reggin, rum, san francisco, scumbags, sexuality, spiced rum, starving artist, sucky sucky 10 dolla, the art institute, the beatles, the penny-less writer, the yellowbrick road, through the looking glass, tim burton, tory37mm, trolls, ufo, vendetta, vikings, vodka, winter, writing